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Rental Safety Instructions

- Boat will only start in neutral
- Button on the side of throttle is your trim (moves motor up or down)
- Make sure the engine is always in water while running, water will shoot out if the engine is trimmed properly, if the water stops, lower the motor.
- Turning first, then accelerating will result in a sharper turn
- Go BETWEEN the 6 sets of RED and GREEN buoys
- Stay OUTSIDE of all area's marked with WHITE buoys, Stay away from marked divers
- Go through the middle of the 2 peninsulas on East Caroga (all locations will be shown by instructor on your map provided)
- When in the canal, speed limit is 5 MPH with no wake behind the boat
- Please do not trespass on lake owners' property, all floating objects are privately owned.
- Only 1 boat will fit under the bridge at once, so please give the right of way if you're not under the bridge
- When going under the bridge, Bimini must be put down, Release the strap on front part of Bimini, take pin out of back arm of Bimini, gently lower to the back of the boat (instructor can help you with this)
- Inside boat you will have 1 anchor, 1 Emergency paddle, 1 Fire Extinguisher, 12-15
Orange life jackets and 1 emergency float
- Other items provided by request: Fishing poles + tacklebox
- Not permitted to enter the boat: Any sort of grill, Towable Tubes, Weapons, anything illegal etc…
- Each boat has a weight capacity, please check with instructor if you're going to be near or over 1200 pounds. Evenly distribute the weight.
- When swimming THE ENGINE HAS TO BE OFF, no one touches the water with a running engine. Nothing can be pulled by the boats.
- When using the anchor, please clean it before bringing back onto boat, do not try to anchor in the middle of east or west Caroga, the depth of the water is more than the length of the anchor.

Call 518-835-6615 if questions arise while on the boat or any
issues occur.

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