Price List

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Price List

$10 Boat & Jet Ski Launch/Removal

$5 Kayak & Canoe Launch/Removal

$90 Season Boat & Jet Ski Launch Pass

$60 Season Kayak & Canoe Launch Pass

$750 Season Dock Space

$25 Season Kayak & Canoe Storage

$50 Season Trailer Storage

$25 Overnight Docking

$5 Overnight Trailer Storage

* Removal Fees apply when you remove your boat/jet ski, etc. 72 hours or more after launching.  Tax is not included in the above pricing.



Large Pontoon Boat (seats 10  - 12 people)       $65.00 per hr./$240.00 for 4 hrs.

Tues., Wed., and Thurs. Rental Special            $250.00 all day rental

All rentals include life vests, gasoline, fishing poles, and towable tube. 

FISHING BOAT RENTAL - MOTORIZED            $25.00 per hr./$80.00 for 4 hrs. (Maximum 3 people or 600 lbs.)


Single Kayak                                                            $10.00 per hr./$30.00 for 4 hrs.

Double Kayak                                                          $15.00 per hr./$50.00 for 4 hrs.

All rentals include life vests and paddles.

CANOE:                                                                    $15.00 per hr./$50.00 for 4 hrs.

STAND-UP PADDLE BOARDS:                         $10.00 per hr./$30.00 for 4 hrs.

TOWABLE TUBES:                                                $15.00 per day